A Beginner's Guide to Growing a Money Tree

A Beginner's Guide to Growing a Money Tree

Growing a money tree can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience if done correctly. With the right planning and resources, your money tree can produce plentiful returns with minimal effort. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting started growing a money tree, including selecting the right plant for your needs, understanding how to care for it properly, and tips on maximizing its potential.

Choose the Right Money Tree Variety.

Choosing the right money tree variety is an essential first step in successful money tree growth. Money trees come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and you’ll need to select one that is suited to your needs - do you want one with larger leaves? More colorful foliage? A specific shape? Consider these qualities when selecting the best money tree for your garden or outdoor area.

Plant Your Money Tree in Potting Soil.

Once you’ve selected and purchased your money tree, it’s time to give it a home. Money trees should be planted in potting soil, that is well-draining and contains nutrients. Make sure the container you use is large enough to allow for adequate growth, then fill it with the soil, up to about two-thirds of the way full. Then you can gently place your money tree in the container and fill around it with more soil. Finally, water your tree thoroughly and place it in an area that receives indirect sunlight.

Place the Money Tree in an Optimal Growing Spot.

A money tree needs to be placed in an area where it is getting indirect sunlight and an adequate amount of fresh air. Keeping the temperature between 60°F-75°F and making sure your money tree doesn’t receive direct sunlight will go a long way in maintaining its healthy growth. Although the tree that you have can adapt to most temperatures, if possible, try to keep it away from extreme cold or heat.

Monitor Watering and Sun Exposure Needs of Your Money Tree..

Money trees are hardy plants that tolerate both low and high light, however they prefer bright conditions with indirect sunlight to promote growth. When it comes to watering, you’ll need to check the soil regularly and water as needed when its dry. Establishing a consistent watering schedule will also help make your money tree thrive - generally it is best to give your plant about 2-3 cups of water every few days or weekly. Additionally, for best results, use lukewarm room temperature water rather than cold water.

Prune and Care for Your Money Tree Regularly.

Pruning helps to maintain the trees healthy shape, promote air circulation and prevent pests and diseases. This involves removing any dead or damaged branches as well as trimming off any overcrowded areas, so that the tree can receive adequate sunlight and airflow. To ensure your money tree is in optimal growing condition, you'll also need to provide fertilizer once every month during the growing season. Fertilizing with an organic houseplant liquid fertilizer will help give your money tree all the nutrients it needs to thrive.

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