Collection: Soil & Fertilizer

MyGreenScape has special plant soil and plant fertilizer. We have the right kind for all your plants. It's easy to use and your plants will love it. Your plants will look healthy and pretty.

Our products, from indoor plant soil to planting soil, are formulated to provide the best soil for indoor plants, ensuring proper nutrition and growth.

Choose from the best house plant fertilizer or general fertilizer for plants, each designed to nourish and enhance the vitality of your greens. Our indoor house plant fertilizer is crafted to support lush, vibrant growth, making it an ideal choice for every plant enthusiast.

Want your plants to grow big and strong? Visit MyGreenScape to find special plant food! We have the best food for all kinds of plants from Pothos Plants to Monstera Plants Plants. Your plants will love it!

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Why Order Plants Online From Us.

Thanks for asking. Here are some great reasons why!



    We source directly from top-rated growers, so we can sell the finest quality plants at the very best prices.



    On orders over $75.00

    Delivery within 72 hours in most of GTA.
    2-4 business days everywhere else.



    On all our plants purchased. If you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to contact us!



    Your happiness is our top priority, which is why we offer a unbeatable 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


What types of soil do you offer for online purchase?

We provide a variety of soils tailored for different indoor plants, including orchid plant soil and general indoor plant soil.

Can I buy soil specifically for indoor plants?

Yes, our collection includes indoor plant soil and houseplant soil that are ideal for various houseplants, ensuring they receive the nutrients they need.

Is it easy to order soil for my plants online from your site?

Absolutely! You can conveniently buy soil and plant fertilizer online through our website, with detailed information and options for various types of plant soil.

What kind of plant food can I get at MyGreenScape?

We have lots of plant food to make your houseplants grow big and strong! Some are for all plants, and some are special for certain kinds.

What's the best plant food for inside plants and how often should I feed my plants?

The Indoor Plant Potting Mix is made just for plants that live inside your house. Read the plant fertilizer box. It will tell you how often to use it.

Why Choose Us

At MyGreenScape, we want your plants to grow big and strong. We have special dirt and plant food. This will make your plants happy and healthy!

Whether you're looking to buy soil online or need specific mixes like orchid plant soil, our selection ensures your house plants thrive. 

About the Collection

Our collection features high-quality planting soil and fertilizers, each carefully selected to suit a variety of indoor plant needs.

For those seeking convenience, our soil for plants online offers quality and reliability. Each blend, including our popular house plant soil and plant soil, is designed to support healthy roots and vibrant growth. Shop with us for plant soil that renews and nourishes your indoor oasis.

Our Products

Plant Soil: We have lots of different kinds of soil. Some are best for plants inside your house. Pick the perfect soil to help your plants grow big and strong.

Plant Fertilizer: This is like food for your plants! We have the best food for indoor plants. We also have special food for different kinds of plants.

Bios Yucca Extract: This cool stuff helps keep your plants happy and healthy. It gives them water and makes them strong. You can use it for any plant!

Make your plants super happy with stuff from MyGreenScape! Visit us to find the best soil and plant food for you.