Collection: Pet Friendly Plants

Explore our collection of pet-friendly plants. Here, we offer plants safe for your furry friends. You may rest easy knowing that your plants and pets can coexist without fear. Among our assortment are lovely, low-maintenance plants. They add color to your house without endangering your pet's well-being.

Add beauty and health advantages to your home with a variety of plants, from the fascinating Venus Fly Trap to the luxuriant Money Tree. Find the perfect green companion that fits your home and keeps your pets happy. Explore our collection to create a safe, green haven for everyone.

  • Safe for Pets

    Cats and canines may enjoy our plants without risk because these are cat friendly plants. Concern should not be expressed regarding the potential gastrointestinal illness of pets that consume the leaves.

  • Air Cleaning

    Our pet-safe plants do more than look good. They clean the air. They remove harmful substances from the air and release oxygen. This creates a healthier environment for both you and your pets. It is a sustainable method for improving air quality.

  • Easy to Care

    Our plants don't need much work. They're perfect for busy people or those new to plants. We choose plants that grow well indoors with minimal fuss. This means you can enjoy greenery without the stress of complex care routines.

Top Selling Pet-Friendly Plants

Venus Fly Trap

Bugs are a favorite food source for the Venus fly trap plant. It's entertaining and educational to observe. The upkeep of this plant is minimal. It catches pests, making it useful for your home.

Pachira - Money Tree

Many people believe that the Money Tree can bring them wealth and prosperity. It requires little maintenance and helps purify the air It looks good in any room, adding greenery and charm.

Hoya Heart Kerrii

The Hoya Heart has leaves shaped like hearts. Beginners will love how easy it is to care for. This plant also blooms, adding beauty to your space. It's small, fitting anywhere.

String of Hearts - Pretty Pink

This plant has pink, heart-shaped leaves. It's easy to look after and makes your space beautiful. It cleans the air and fits well in different spots, adding a touch of elegance.

Stromanthe Triostar

This plant possesses visually captivating pink, green, and cream-colored leaves. The leaf-folding process is a captivating phenomenon that can be observed at night. 

Staghorn Fern - Hanging Basket

The distinctive leaves of the Staghorn Fern resemble antlers. It's easy for beginners who like bright light. You can hang it or mount it on wood. It likes humidity, so misting helps.



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Frequently Asked Question

Each of the plants that we have chosen is entirely dog-friendly plants. There is no risk that these houseplants will pose to the health of your dogs.

Indeed, they do. These vegetation species absorb contaminants and emit purified oxygen, thereby enhancing the indoor air quality and well-being of all individuals.

While each pet-friendly house plants in this assortment have unique requirements, the majority only require watering when their soil becomes arid. We'll give you simple care instructions for each one.

While the majority of our plants can flourish in dim light, a few may require more illumination. We will specify precisely what each plant requires to flourish.

These pet-friendly indoor plants are not poisonous to your companion if they nibble on. These plants are chosen for their safety. However, excessive consumption of any plant could cause stomach distress in your companion.