Collection: Alocasia Plants

Our collection of Alocasia Plants shows a variety. If you want to buy alocasia plants, this is your spot. We offer many types of alocasia plants. Each plant has its unique look and feel. Our collection is easy to browse. You can find the perfect alocasia for your space. Look through our selection and choose your favourite. Our plants are healthy and ready for a new home. Start your Alocasia journey with us. Find your next plant today.
  • Enhances air

    Alocasia plants make spaces calm. They help people feel relaxed and peaceful. Having them in your home or office can reduce stress and create a serene atmosphere. Ideal for quiet and restful environments.

  • Easy to Care

    Alocasia plants are easy to care for. They need little water, light, and food. Perfect for busy people. They grow well indoors. Make homes green without much work. Simple care, big rewards.

  • Pet-Friendly

    Alocasia plants are safe for pets. Grow well indoors, need little space. Pets can be around them, worry-free. These plants make spaces lively and pet-friendly, keeping homes cheerful.

Top Selling Alocasia Plants

Alocasia Polly

Alocasia Polly is a houseplant with big, arrow-shaped leaves. They are green with white veins. It likes bright, indirect light and moist soil. Not too cold. Great for homes. Adds beauty. Easy to care for. Brightens spaces. Needs regular watering. Grows well indoors.

Alocasia Dragon Scale

Alocasia Dragon Scale is a house plant. It has big, green leaves. The leaves look like dragon scales. It likes moist soil and indirect light. Great for homes and offices. Adds beauty. Easy to care for. Needs little water. Grows well indoors.

Alocasia Frydek

Alocasia Frydek is a green plant. It has velvet leaves with white veins. Perfect for indoor spaces. Needs light but not direct sunlight. Water when the soil feels dry. Adds beauty to any room. Easy to care for, it grows well inside.

Alocasia Velvet Elvis

Alocasia Velvet Elvis is a houseplant. It has large, soft, dark green leaves. They feel like velvet. This plant likes bright, indirect light and regular watering. It's perfect for indoor gardens. Adds natural beauty to any room. Easy to care for.

Alocasia Frydek Varigated

Alocasia Frydek Variegated is a beautiful plant. It has green leaves with white marks. Easy to care for, it adds beauty to any room. Its leaves look like velvet. Bright, indirect light helps it grow well. Keep soil moist but not wet.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Alocasia plants are large-leafed plants. They like warm, bright spots. Keep their soil moist but not wet. They make your indoor space look green.

Water them when the top inch of soil feels dry. About once a week is good. Avoid too much water to prevent root rot.

Yes, but not direct sunlight. Bright, indirect light is best. Too much direct sun can burn their leaves. A spot near a window works well.

Repot them every 2 years or if they look too big for their pots. Spring is the best time. Choose a pot slightly bigger.

Look under leaves for bugs. Found some? Rinse them off or use a gentle soap. Keep the plant's leaves clean to avoid bugs.