Happy Plant Guarantee

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We're confident that your plants will arrive in happy, healthy condition! If not, we'll replace them for free as part of our 30-Day Customer Happiness Guarantee. The only caveat is that you must keep the plants in their original condition (i.e., plants are kept in shipping pot and substrate; no root disturbance; no cuttings taken, etc.) within the first 15 days of delivery. If they haven't been disturbed by then, they are guaranteed to be fine.

PLEASE NOTE: We discourage unnecessary repotting and any such changes within the fifteen-day period voids our guarantee.

We carefully package every order you place. However, we cannot guarantee against reasonable transit damage, including but not limited to minor folds or rips in leaves, or a proportionally small loss of foliage. We reserve the right to determine any plant's eligibility for a refund or replacement.

If a refund or replacement is warranted, we may ask you to ship the original plant back to us in proper fashion (e.g., correct size box, heat pack).

The guarantee applies to all online purchases within the first 30 days