Happy Plant Guarantee

Welcome to MyGreenscape's Happy Plant Guarantee!

Greetings Plant Enthusiasts! At MyGreenscape, we're thrilled to introduce you to our Happy Plant Guarantee, ensuring the absolute joy of your leafy companions. Dive into the details below for an enhanced experience:

MyGreenscape 30-Day Happy Plant Guarantee: Step into a world where your plants are destined to be happy and thriving. In the rare event they're not, we've got your back with a free replacement within 30 days. Keep your green buddies in their original state for the initial 15 days to keep the happiness flowing.

Conditions for a Happy Guarantee:

🌿 Skip the Repotting: Resist the urge to repot for the first three to six months. It's like letting your plants settle into their cozy new home – no need to disrupt the comfort!

🌱 Early Alerts: If you notice anything amiss, drop us a line right away. We're here to assist, so no need to wait. Your plant's wellbeing is our top priority!

📸 Picture-Perfect Proof: Snap some photos and send them our way at support@mygreenscape.ca. Our team of plant experts is ready to analyze and guide you to plant parenthood success.

🌷 Patient Care: After receiving care tips, give your plant a sweet three to four weeks to bounce back. Sometimes, a little extra TLC works wonders.

In the Unfortunate Event: Should the unexpected happen, and your plant doesn't make it despite your loving care, we'll honor the guarantee with a store credit – because we believe in second chances!

Pests, Plagues, and Plant Apocalypse:

🐜 Alert Us ASAP: If any unwelcome critters show up within two weeks, let us know right away. Our Plant Doctor will swoop in for an assessment. Despite our rigorous measures, sometimes pests play hide and seek – but we've got the solution!

Feel the MyGreenscape difference – where your plant's happiness is not just a guarantee; it's a commitment. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ section for additional insights or reach out to us through various channels, including live chat and customer support portal. We're here to make your plant journey delightful from start to finish! 🌿🌟