Collection: Easy Grower Plants

Take a look at our Easy Grower Plants Collection. Here, you'll find easy-to-grow indoor plants that are perfect for everyone. Our collection includes favorites like String of Hearts and Sansevieria Hearts. These easy-grow indoor plants are simple to care for and look beautiful.

They need very little from you, making gardening easy. If you are a beginner in gardening or looking for low-maintenance plants, you have come to the correct place. Enjoy lush leaves and bright flowers with no stress. Start your easy plant journey with us now.

  • Simple Care

    These are low maintenance plants. They don't need much water or light. Perfect for busy people or beginners. Enjoy greenery without the work.

  • Clean Air

    These easy-to-grow plants help make your air clean. They take in what's bad and give out what's good. Breathe easier with them around.

  • Fits Anywhere

    Our easy grom indoor plants look good in any space. On shelves, desks, or floors. They bring life and color everywhere. Start with one plant or many.

Top Selling Easy Grower Plants

String of Hearts - Silver Glory

Meet Silver Glory. The plant has silver, heart-shaped leaves. The item appears sophisticated and requires minimal maintenance. Silver Glory likes to be left alone. It makes the air cleaner and fits any style. Watch it grow with little effort. Add Silver Glory to your space for a touch of silver beauty.

Sansevieria Hearts Coracao

Sansevieria Hearts is a plant with heart-shaped leaves. It's simple to care for and brings love to your room. It needs little attention and cleans the air. You can put it anywhere, and it will look great. Bring Sansevieria Hearts home to add love and ease to your space.

String of Turtles

String of Turtles is an enjoyable plant with leaves like small turtles. It is simple to maintain and enhances the appeal. It cleans the air and makes any corner lively. This plant is perfect for busy people. Let String of Turtles bring joy and calm to your home.

Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood

Sansevieria Mikado Fernwood is a plant with striped, spiked leaves. It cleans the air and is easy to keep. It grows straight up, adding style to your place. It's fine in low light and safe for pets. Choose Mikado Fernwood for a mix of beauty and health.

Sansevieria Tough Lady

Sansevieria Tough Lady is strong and stylish. It's easy to care for and cleans the air. It loves low light and doesn't need much water. Its leaves are striking. Tough Lady is great for any plant lover, beginner or not.

Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is a unique indoor plant. It purifies the air and brings peace. Enjoy nature's beauty inside your home with this tree.



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Frequently Asked Question

Water them only when the soil feels dry. This is usually once a week, but it depends on the plant and where you live. Check the soil first. Water when it's dry. If not, then wait a little longer.

No, they require minimal sunlight. They're happy in bright places but away from the direct sun. Some can even grow in low light. Find a spot that gets light but not too much sun.

Most of our easy-grower plants are safe for pets. However, certain plants can be toxic if ingested. Always verify the plant's information before purchase to ensure it is safe for your pets.

Indeed, you can. These plants are selected for their low maintenance requirements. They are ideal for novices or individuals who believe they cannot maintain plants. Adhere to the basic care instructions, and you will be okay.

Consider the placement of the plant. How much light does that spot get? Do you want a big plant or a small one? Look at our collection and read about each plant. Choose one that fits your space and your style.