Beautify Your Home With a Stunning Staghorn Fern Hanging Basket

Beautify Your Home With a Stunning Staghorn Fern Hanging Basket

Have you ever walked into a room and felt immediately at ease? With the addition of a staghorn fern hanging basket, your home can become a living oasis of beauty and serenity. Learn how to successfully create and maintain your own hanging basket for maximum visual appeal.

Start with a sturdy bracket.

The first step in creating a stunning staghorn fern hanging basket is selecting the correct bracket. You want something that’s strong enough to support the weight of the pot and also keep it from swaying too much when there’s a breeze or movement in the room. Select a sturdy, decorative bracket in materials such as painted wrought iron, polished chrome, and brass. This helps ensure that your beautiful fern presentation will remain in place for many years of enjoyment.

Choose the right kind of soil.

When potting your staghorn fern in its hanging basket, use a soil that is light and airy with good drainage. Avoid soils heavy on clay or peat moss as these tend to retain too much moisture and won't allow for adequate drainage. Look for mixes specifically designed for air plants and ferns, or make your own blend of equal parts sphagnum peat moss and perlite. This will provide the necessary support while allowing the roots to breath properly.

Carefully inspect the staghorn ferns before you buy them.

When purchasing staghorn ferns for your hanging basket, carefully inspect them for any signs of disease or damage. If a frond or leaf is damaged or discolored this may be an indication of problems ahead. Staghorn ferns are durable and can survive in most environments but they are susceptible to pests so make sure to check them thoroughly. Finally, check the plant's root system to make sure it is healthy and intact before you purchase it.

Design the basket to keep your ferns happy and healthy.

Select the right basket for your ferns to ensure they get enough light and airflow. When buying a pot, choose something with drainage holes and a secure hanging system. For added appeal, you can use colorful ribbons or paint the pot in an attractive color that coordinates with your home’s interior. Make sure the size of the basket is proportional to the size of your staghorn ferns.

Hang the basket and make sure it is secure and stable.

Hanging a staghorn fern basket can be quite tricky so take extra care when doing this. Make sure to tie the pot securely to strong hooks or ceiling beams so that the basket is safe and secure. Check the basket regularly, especially if you have pets or young children in your home.

How to Fertilize Staghorn Fern Hanging Baskets?

Fertilizing your staghorn fern hanging baskets is not difficult and can help ensure that the plants remain healthy, vibrant and blooming. To fertilize a staghorn fern hanging basket, mix a balanced water-soluble fertilizer at a ratio of one teaspoon per gallon of water. Use the mixture weekly during active growth throughout the spring and summer months.

Staghorn fern flourishes in warm, humid climates and should be protected from cold conditions. It's generally considered a tender plant; most species can't tolerate temperatures below 12.c. 

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