Contemporary Indoor Plants for Maximum Impact

Contemporary Indoor Plants for Maximum Impact

Create the perfect stylish, modern look in your home by bringing the outdoors in with contemporary indoor plants. Not only are they visually appealing, but these beautiful and trendy plants can also have significant health benefits - without the need for a green thumb!


Pick the Right Plant for Your Space.

Before you can enjoy the benefits of contemporary indoor plants, you need to pick the right one for your space. Consider the size and design of your room, how much light it receives and how often you’ll be able to water your plant before choosing a species. Depending on your lifestyle and preferences, consider investing in low-maintenance plants such as succulents or air plants. These kinds of plants don't need soil or frequent watering, making them ideal for busy households.


Consider Pot Styling and Color.

Choosing the right pot is just as important as selecting a plant. If your decor style is modern, opt for planters with simple shapes, neutral colors and minimal textures. Geometric shapes can create a dramatic visual effect - this also works if you have several plants of different sizes arranged together in a room. On the other hand, bright and bold colors will liven up any room with their sunny vibes! Look for unique pot designs to make your plants more prominent.


Create Indoor Plant Displays With Varying Depths for Dimension.

Creating an indoor plant display with varying heights and depths adds texture and dimension to any room. Place taller plants in the background of the display, medium-height plants in the midground, and shorter ones in the forefront. This layering technique instantly turns an ordinary space into a lively oasis! You can also use pieces like bookcases or window sills as bases for displaying multiple plants at once.


Add Accenting Home Decor Pieces That Complement Your Plants.

Adding decorative pieces that harmonize with both your plants and the rest of your decor can enhance the look of your indoor plant display. Include accents like ceramic pots, bright planters, rustic baskets, mirrors and paintings that accentuate the colors in your room and harmonize with each other. This will bring more balance and interest to the space, while playfully tying everything together.


Implement Natural Lighting to Showcase Your Plants' Beauty.

Natural lighting is the best way to showcase your plants, as it helps them grow and maintain their vibrancy. You'll want to install lights that are within the same color temperature (also known as Kelvin), sized correctly, and installed at a proper distance. If you have an area of your home with sufficient natural light, you can take advantage of this natural beauty by reorganizing windows and surrounding furnishings to better capture that sunlight. Doing so will allow light to reach its full potential while illuminating your beloved plants!

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