Growing a Philodendron Green Princess Large In Your Home

Growing a Philodendron Green Princess Large In Your Home

Add a pop of greenery to your home with the Philodendron Green Princess Large! This perennial tropical plant is easy to care for and can keep your interior looking lush and vibrant. With proper planting, watering, and light conditions, you can successfully grow this beautiful plant in your own home.

Find the Proper Watering Schedule for Your Philodendron Green Princess Large Plant.

Much like other Philodendron varieties, the Philodendron Green Princess Large Plant will benefit the most when watered on a consistent schedule. This will keep roots moist, but not sopping wet. You should aim to water your plant every 7-10 days and check the dryness of the soil before doing so. If the top 1-2 inches of soil are dry, it is time to water your plant.

Light: Optimum Locations for Philodendrons.

When it comes to light for your Philodendron Green Princess, bright, filtered indirect light is ideal. A south or southwest facing window is usually the best spot to keep your plant. Take care not to expose the Green Princess directly to the sun’s rays as this could scorch its leaves. If you don’t have a suitable location for your philodendron indoors, you can always move it outdoors — where it will receive nutritious sunlight and plenty of fresh air!

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