Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Care

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Meet the Fiddle Leaf Fig: Your Tropical Companion

Ever met a plant that stands tall and proud, like it knows it's the star of the show? That's our Fiddle Leaf Fig. With its upright growth habit and stunning broad leaves, this tropical beauty commands attention wherever it goes. Its lush green foliage, adorned with deep veins, adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Plant Type: Tropical Oasis

Hailing from the tropics, these plants thrive in warm, humid climates. Bringing a piece of paradise into your home, they boast striking blooms and captivating foliage, transforming your space into a vibrant haven.

Plant Feature: Air Purifying

Not just a pretty face, our Fiddle Leaf Fig doubles as an air-purifying powerhouse. Its lush leaves work overtime to rid your home of pollutants, making it the ultimate multitasker for rooms with limited airflow.

Light Care: Let the Sunshine In

Give your Fiddle Leaf Fig the VIP treatment with medium to high light exposure. Place it in a sunny spot where it can bask in filtered or direct sunlight, and watch it thrive as the centerpiece of your well-lit room.

Water Care: Keep It Moist, Not Soggy

Like a true diva, our Fiddle Leaf Fig appreciates the finer things in life, including regular watering. Keep its soil consistently moist but not waterlogged, aiming for once or twice a week to keep it happy and hydrated.

Fertilizer Care: Less Is More

While our Fiddle Leaf Fig loves a good meal, it's not one to overindulge. Low fertilizer rates during the growing season are all it needs to maintain its lush foliage and vibrant growth.

Zone: 9-11

Perfectly suited for USDA hardiness zones 9 to 11, our Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in warmer climates, where it can soak up the sunshine and bask in balmy temperatures.

Plant Care: Tips from the Pros

For optimal growth, pamper your Fiddle Leaf Fig with lots of bright, indirect sunlight and a cozy, warm environment. Keep its soil consistently moist (but not soggy) during watering sessions, and when it's time for a repotting session, our All Purpose soil blend has got you covered.

Origin: Where the Jungle Beckons

Originally hailing from western Africa, from Cameroon to Sierra Leone, the Fiddle Leaf Fig calls lush tropical rainforests its home. With roots in exotic locales, it brings a touch of wild beauty to your indoor oasis.

Ready to add a Fiddle Leaf Fig to your plant family? Explore our collection and bring home your very own tropical superstar today!

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