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Lemon Button Fern

The Lemon Button Fern is a delightful addition to any indoor space, boasting vibrant lime green foliage adorning arching stems with small, round-shaped leaves and serrated edges. Ideal for hanging baskets and terrariums, this lush plant enhances any plant parent's home with its charm.

Plant Type: Tropical

Tropical plants thrive in hot and humid climates, making them easy to grow indoors and adding an exotic touch to your home with their stunning blooms and attractive foliage.

Plant Feature: Kid-Friendly

Safe and non-toxic, Lemon Button Ferns are perfect for households with children, offering an opportunity for kids to participate in plant care without the worry of skin irritation or poisoning.

Pet Friendly

Even for households with curious pets, Lemon Button Ferns are a safe choice as they are non-toxic, ensuring your furry friends can roam freely without the risk of plant poisoning.

Light Care: Medium Light

Ideal for filtered or dappled sunlight, Lemon Button Ferns thrive in well-lit rooms with windows but should be kept away from direct sunlight. Consider placing them near sunny windows with sheer curtains for optimal growth.

Water Care: Medium Water

With moderate water needs, these ferns benefit from watering once or twice a week, ensuring the soil remains consistently moist throughout the growing season. Water when the soil feels dry to the touch.

Fertilizer Care: Medium Fertilizer

Regular fertilization promotes vigorous growth and optimal performance. Apply moderate fertilizer rates to ensure your Lemon Button Ferns thrive.

Zone: 8-10

Plant Care:

To care for your Lemon Button Fern, provide filtered bright light, though it can tolerate low light conditions. Keep the soil consistently moist but avoid waterlogging. During repotting, use our All Purpose soil for best results.


Native to Australia, the Lemon Button Fern brings a touch of Down Under charm to your indoor garden.

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