Olive Tree Plant Care

Olive Tree

Unlike other typical houseplants, Olive Tree are somewhat of a newcomer to the booming plant craze. While their edible fruits and oil may have made them distinguished trees, their popularity as decorative indoor plants is also worth noting. These low-maintenance plants flaunt leathery, dark green leaves with silvery undersides and feature small, white flowers that bloom in clusters.

Plant Type Tropical
Tropical plants grow naturally in tropical areas where the climate is hot and humid. Easy to grow indoors, these plants add an exotic flair to your home with a vivid display of striking blooms and attractive foliage.

Plant Feature Full Sun
Place these plants in sunny spots where they can have full, direct light, and they will showcase luscious greenery and lovely blooms. Many of them are tolerant of drought and won’t mind if you miss your watering schedule.

These are the perfect plants to keep in your home, even if you have curious pets that chew on almost everything – including plants. They are safe and non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your plants poisoning your cats and dogs.

These are plants that you do not have to water too often and are excellent in various lighting conditions. This makes them perfect for any room in your house.

Even the kids can enjoy growing and caring for these plants since they are easy to grow, safe, and non-toxic. Kid-friendly plants will surely help make your home nice-looking without having to worry about skin irritation, allergies, or plant poisoning.

Light Care High Light
High light plants require full sunlight to assume their full growth potential, which means they need at least 6 hours of direct, bright light each day. The brightest spot in your home is the best place to put them.

Water Care Low to Medium Water
Plants with low to medium water requirements need water at least once a week. Water these plants when the soil feels dry to touch.

Fertilizer Care Low-Fertilizer
These plants would appreciate a regular application of fertilizers during the growing season. They aren’t heavy feeders, and feeding at low rates is enough for these low-fertilizer plants to grow well.

Zones 8-11

Plant Care Tips We provide Arbequina olives, which are known to produce fruit under proper conditions. Keep this plant in lots of sunlight; they prefer 4-8 hours a day. When repotting, use our All Purpose Soil mix.

Origin A cultivated variety of olive, Arbequina olives are mostly grown in Catalonia, Spain.

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