Sansevieria Plant Care


A top favorite for both beginners and experts in plant care, Sansevieria always makes it onto the list of the most popular houseplants. Also known as a Snake Plant, Sansevieria exhibits a snakeskin-like pattern on their sword-shaped, fleshy leaves, making them an excellent statement piece on a table, counter, or shelf.

Plant Type: Tropical

Tropical plants grow naturally in tropical areas where the climate is hot and humid. Easy to grow indoors, these plants add an exotic flair to your home with a vivid display of striking blooms and attractive foliage.

Plant Feature: Air Purifying

Sansevieria is an air-purifying plant that helps remove pollutants from the air through its attractive leaves and roots, making it the perfect houseplant for rooms where airflow is limited.

Beginner: Beginner plants are exceptionally forgiving and hardy. They are easy to keep alive and mostly low-maintenance, perfect if you have a less-than-green thumb or are just starting to hone your gardening skills.

Low-Maintenance: Sansevieria requires minimal care, making it an excellent choice for any room in your house. You do not have to water it too often, and it thrives in various lighting conditions.

Kid-Friendly: Even kids can enjoy growing and caring for Sansevieria since they are easy to grow, safe, and non-toxic, without worrying about skin irritation, allergies, or plant poisoning.

Bedroom: Sansevieria can be grown in your bedroom, requiring little to no maintenance. They help you get a good night’s sleep with their air-purifying abilities and relaxing ambiance.

Light Care: Low-Medium Light

Sansevieria performs well under low to medium light conditions, making them suitable for rooms with minimal light sources or far from sunny windows.

Water Care: Low-Medium

Water Sansevieria plants with low to medium water requirements at least once a week when the soil feels dry to touch.

Fertilizer Care: Low Fertilizer

Sansevieria plants appreciate a regular application of fertilizers during the growing season, but they aren’t heavy feeders, requiring feeding at low rates to grow well.

Zones: 10-11

Plant Care Tips: Sansevieria, more commonly known as Snake Plants, are perfect for beginners. They can go without water for long periods and thrive in low-light conditions. When repotting, use our All Purpose Soil mix.

Origin: Sansevieria are native to West Africa, from Nigeria to the Congo.

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