Sansevieria Boncel Starfish Plant Care

Sansevieria Boncel Starfish

Sansevieria ‘Starfish’ presents a delightful compact variety, perfect for adorning small spaces. Its light green, cylindrical leaves emerge gracefully from a central point, forming a captivating fan-like shape reminiscent of its aquatic namesake. Renowned for its low-maintenance requirements, this charming cultivar thrives even when neglected and contributes to cleaner indoor air.

Plant Type Tropical: Flourishing in hot and humid climates, tropical plants like the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish bring exotic beauty indoors with vibrant blooms and captivating foliage.

Plant Feature Air Purifying: With their attractive leaves and roots, air-purifying plants like the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish help cleanse indoor air, making them ideal for spaces with limited airflow.

Low Light: Thriving in dimly lit areas, these plants add greenery to even the darkest corners of your home, albeit at a slower pace.

Beginner Known for their forgiving nature and minimal upkeep requirements, beginner plants like the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish are perfect for novice gardeners.

Low Maintenance Requiring infrequent watering and adaptable to various lighting conditions, low-maintenance plants like the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish effortlessly enhance any room.

Magical (Anxiety) Plants such as the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish not only improve air quality but also offer stress relief and anti-anxiety benefits.

Kid Friendly Safe, non-toxic, and easy to grow, kid-friendly plants like the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish are suitable for the whole family to enjoy.

Bedroom Ideal for bedrooms, these plants promote relaxation and better sleep with their air-purifying qualities and calming presence.

Light Care Low-Medium Light: Adaptable to low to medium light conditions, these plants thrive in minimal light sources.

Water Care Low-Medium Water: Requiring watering approximately once a week, these plants prefer slightly dry soil between waterings.

Fertilizer Care Low Fertilizer: Thriving with minimal fertilizer, these plants only require occasional feeding during the growing season.

Zones 10-11

Plant Care Tips A compact variant of Sansevieria cylindrica, the Sansevieria Boncel Starfish boasts a starfish-like growth pattern. Perfect for beginners, these plants tolerate long periods without water and prefer low light conditions. When repotting, use an all-purpose soil mix for optimal growth.

Origin Native to West Africa, particularly Angola.

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