Discover the best way to keep your double spike orchid healthy and thriving, with this expert advice on how to care for them.

Caring For Your Double Spike Orchids At Home

Double spike orchids are beautiful, unique flowers that will thrive with regular replanting and a few simple care tips. With the right environment and attention, they can add a lovely touch of color to your home or garden - but how do you make sure yours is as healthy as possible? Learn about the best care practices for double spike orchids here.

Provide a Warm and Well-Lit Environment.

Double spike orchids, like most other flowering plants, need adequate sunlight and warmth for healthy growth. Aim to keep your double spike in a spot where it can get lots of bright, indirect light throughout the day. During the summer, temperatures should stay above 65°F during the day and no lower than 55°F at night. In winter months, daytime temps should remain above 45°F to keep your orchid at its best.

Water Your Orchids Properly.

Watering your double spike orchids is essential. During the summer months, when the plant is actively growing, it will require weekly watering with lukewarm water. Make sure to water your orchid thoroughly and make sure you are flushing any buildup of salts by draining the pot before replacing it in its saucer. In the winter months, reduce watering to every two weeks. Be careful not to over-water as this can cause root rot from too much moisture in the soil.

Feed Your Orchids The Right Nutrients.

Fertilizing your double spike orchids is also necessary to ensure they thrive. Provide a fertilizer specially created for orchids with the right balance of minerals and nutrients that will help your orchid reach its full potential. Mix the fertilizer into the water you use to feed the plant, and do so only once every month during its growing season (summer) and every other month in winter. Make sure not to overfeed or underfeed, as this can cause nutrient deficiency or an imbalance which can lead to wilting and poor blooming.

Re-Pot When Necessary for Optimal Growth.

Re-potting your double spike orchid is necessary to provide enough space for healthy growth, with this often done every two years. Choose pots made of terracotta or plastic with holes at the bottom to ensure proper drainage. When re-potting, use a mixture of bark and moss and don’t pack tightly; instead, keep the roots loose and aerated. In addition, use pots that are slightly larger than the current one and avoid any overwatering due to its delicate nature.

Grooming Tips To Keep the Leaves Looking Good.

It’s important to groom your orchid regularly to make sure its decorative leaves remain healthy and vibrant. The trick is to remove any yellowing, wilted, dried up or overly brown leaves. To do this, hold the leaf at its base and twist it off with a gentle tug so as not to injure the plant. You should also trim off any dead stems, being careful not to damage the existing spiky flowers in the process. Lastly, carefully dust off both sides of the leaves with a soft cloth for an overall clean look.

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