String Of Pearls Plant Care

String of Pearls

Also known as String of Beads, this succulent is renowned for its delicate, pearl-like leaves cascading along viny stems. Whether placed in a hanging basket or adorning the edge of a shelf, its trailing beauty is bound to captivate. Ensure it basks in a well-lit area, and exercise caution with watering to avoid overhydration.

Plant Type Cactus & Succulent Cacti and succulents boast thickened, fleshy parts adept at storing water. These resilient, low-maintenance plants demand minimal attention, making them ideal for any indoor space.

Plant Feature Low-Maintenance Thriving with infrequent watering, these plants excel in various lighting conditions. Their adaptability renders them suitable for enhancing the ambiance of any room.

Light Care Medium Light String of Pearls thrives in filtered or dappled sunlight, favoring well-lit areas shielded from direct light. Positioning them near sunny windows, albeit with sheer curtains, ensures optimal growth.

Water Care Low - Medium Light Well-suited to low to medium light environments, these plants flourish in rooms with minimal natural light or situated away from direct sunlight.

Fertilizer Care Low Fertilizer While these plants benefit from occasional fertilization during the growing season, they are not heavy feeders. Applying fertilizers at low rates sustains their growth and vitality.

Zones 10-12

Plant Care Tips Featuring trailing viny stems adorned with round, pearl-like leaves, String of Pearls makes a striking addition to hanging baskets. Easy to propagate, its cuttings can be planted separately or incorporated into the main plant to enhance its fullness. When planting or repotting, our cactus and succulent mix is recommended for optimal growth.

Origin String of Pearls originates from South Africa, where it thrives at the base of rocks and other vegetation.

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