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Bios Yucca Extract

Bios Yucca Extract

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Do you love your plants? 🌵

Our yucca extract is truly a magical product that is essential for any plant lover!

- Helps water stick to leaves, making foliar sprays much more effective. 🚿
- Acts as a natural insecticide! 🦟
- Keeps soils & moss hydrated (Great for moss poles!) 💦
- Increases nutrient absorption 💚

How To Use The Magical Potion:
- Mix .25ml (1/16 tsp) of yucca extract per litre of water.
- Stir in, or shake well.

You've done it! 👏🏽

You can now spray your leaves/moss, water your plants, or even soak your cuttings!

Use with every watering, and as needed for foliar applications!

*Contains 50% extract of Yucca Scidigera
*Makes 35 gallons worth of product! 😯

Detailed Benefits:

Foliar Sprays
- Allows water to coat the entire leaf surface instead of beading off (example in product pictures) making foliar sprays much more effective. Combine with our Pro-Biotic for best results!
- Can easily be mixed with essential oils to create an effective natural insecticide.
- Increases a plant's tolerance to UV & heat stress. 


- Increases water absorption through the roots, ultimately increasing nutrient absorption.
- Easily rehydrates hydrophobic growing mediums (anything with peat products), and prevents growing mediums from becoming hydrophobic.
- Feeds beneficial microbes.
- Balances pH levels.
- Washes away salt build up on roots. 
- Keeps soil healthy and free of pathogens.

Seed Treatment (Soak with 10% solution)

- Prevents fungal growth and seed borne pathogens from harming young plants.
- Increases root emergence
- Increases overall plant height & development

Winter Shipping Protection

Winter has arrived, and we understand that your beloved plants need extra care during the colder months. To ensure the safe arrival of your green companions, we highly recommend adding our Winter Shipping Protection (WSP) service to your order, especially if your local high temperatures are expected to fall below 15 degrees Celsius.

By adding WSP to your order, you entrust us to personally monitor weather conditions and take all necessary precautions to ensure your plants' safety. This includes using heat packs, implementing specialized packing techniques, and selecting the right shipping days.

For further details, please visit our Winter Shipping Protection FAQs page.

What to expect

Your plant will arrive in a standard nursery pot, typically 0.5" - 1" smaller than the stated size to seamlessly fit into your chosen decorative pot. Washable Paper Planter Bags are available for separate purchase.

Just like nature intended, each plant is unique, showcasing natural variations in size, shape, and characteristics. Our commitment is to deliver a plant that closely resembles the one featured on our website, matching your chosen size, and with the potential to thrive happily in your home.

Size Guide

Choosing the right pot size for your plants can be a daunting task, especially if you're new to gardening. But fear not! Our pot sizes chart can help you find the perfect match for your plants, ensuring they have enough space to grow and thrive. With our guide, you'll be able to confidently choose the right pot size and plant variety for your gardening needs.

Plant Pot Size Guide.

Plant & Pot Size Chart
Extra Small 7-10 cm 2.5 - 3 inches
Small 11-12 cm 3.5 - 4 inches
Medium 14-17 cm 5 - 6 inches
Large 19-21 cm 8 - 10 inches
Extra Large 24-27 cm 12 - 14 inches

All sizes are specified in product details.

Your Complete Guide to Pot Sizes: What Size Should You Choose?

When selecting a pot for your plant, it's important to find the right size. But with all the different options out there, how do you know which one is best? We're here to help!

MyGreenscape's pot sizes chart is a great resource for finding your perfect fit. Our easy-to-read chart takes out all the guesswork and helps you quickly choose the right size for your plant.

Smaller pots are best for seedlings or small plants just starting out. These tend to be shallow but wide, allowing enough room for the roots of the young plant but not too much where they get overcrowded. Medium-sized pots are ideal when your plant has grown from its infancy and is ready for more space. These are deeper and wider than small pots, so that it can accommodate larger root systems - making sure your plant gets enough nourishment while still giving it breathing room. Large pots are top choice if you have an established plant in need of lots of space - think trees and large shrubs! The spacious depth and width allow plenty of room for deep root systems without struggling for air or light.

No matter what size you choose, MyGreenscape has got you covered, with our pot sizes chart guaranteeing you find the perfect fit every time!

Light Guide

Types of indoor lights

Still unsure about the type of lighting you receive?
Email us at for assistance.


Care Guide

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